100% natural coconut water

...from Thailand


Delicious, refreshing and full of healthy goodness!​

why pink?

Did you know that pure young coconut water turns PINK naturally?

It is the natural reaction of its polyphenol or antioxidant compounds when exposed to light and air. Polyphenols are found in young plants including coconut water and are a natural source of antioxidants.

"Only pure and truly natural coconut water with its antioxidants still there turns pink."

How is this possible ?

Our coconut water is bottled via the cold asceptic method. This method eliminates harmful microbes but retains raw nutritional value.

Tastes just like a freshly cracked Nam Hom coconut

Our water tastes exactly like a freshly cracked Thai Nam Hom coconut. The Nam Hom Coconut, is also called Thai Aromatic Coconut, and known for its rich coconut flavour.

Natnat stands for Nature’s Natural

naturally healthy, refreshing and delicious!